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Welcome to my personal place, all about....ME!  Here you will find some pictures, and whatever else pops into my head.  :-}

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1978 High School Graduation Photo, 1978
First Degree  AAS, Computer Application AAS Graduation, 1996

bsbis-diploma.jpg (36512 bytes)

grad-2001.jpg (52866 bytes)
 BSB/IS  (Bachelor of Science, Business Information Systems) (time to fix the scanner) BSB/IS Graduation, 2001
Reserved for MS/CIS Degree
ETA Spring 2004
soq-1995.jpg (76656 bytes)
Heald College Student of the Quarter
Summer Quarter, 1995
Educational "Wall of Fame"
purpleheart.jpg (35556 bytes)
Presented by CIS/1 Class, Fall 2002

Coach Cliff
In 1996, my oldest son started playing Youth Football, and because of a need for volunteers, I found myself an Assistant Coach for his team.  They threw me a hat and a shirt, and under the most excellent tutelage of Coach Jack Goolsby, I became a coach that year, and found that this was something I did not just want to do, instead felt I must to.
The following pictures chronicle my journey from scared half to death assistant to Head Coach of my beloved Mighty Mite (players aged 6 to 8) division.

Coach's "Wall of Fame"
mm96.jpg (102101 bytes) mm98.jpg (88194 bytes)
First Year Coaching Youth Football
The Santa Rosa Stallions Mighty Mites
under the leadership of Coach Jack Goolsby.
Second Year Coaching
Santa Rosa Stallions Mighty Mites
Head Coach Don Walker
cjl-jpw-99.jpg (43740 bytes) cjl-mm-2000.jpg (67185 bytes)
Third Year, Cordova Jr. Lancers Jr. Pee Wees.
Head Coach Jim Gerow
First year as Head Coach
Cordova Jr. Lancers Mighty Mites
mm-coach-award2000.jpg (39367 bytes) mm-bday-2000.jpg (151346 bytes)
Award from parents, 2000 Mighty Mites Season Present from the 2000 Mighty Mites
"That one was for you" refers to the first ever
Mighty Mite Touchdown scored
the weekend before.
webmaster2000.jpg (163794 bytes) coach-c-2001.jpg (47495 bytes)
CJL Webmaster 2000 Coach Cliff, 2001
mm-coach-award2001.jpg (44518 bytes) coach-c.jpg (45541 bytes)
2001 CJL Mighty Mites
mm-banner-2001.jpg (151007 bytes)
2001 Cordova Jr. Lancers Mighty Mites Taking the Field
CJL Webmaster 2002 2002 CJL Mighty Mites
cliff-kent-hornets.jpg (112252 bytes)
Cliff and Kent checking out the Sac State Hornets
Someday I'm going to figure out how I keep getting myself into these things!!
In 2001 John and Billy decided to try baseball, and when I explained to the powers that be
that wanted me to be a coach that I didn't know much about baseball, and in my efforts to help a
"friend", I found myself behind the plate dodging baseballs as an Umpire, and for the 2002 Season
I will be serving the league as the Chief Umpire.
umpire-dad01.jpg (36149 bytes) umpdad2.jpg (34422 bytes)
Tell me again....how many strikes do you get?
Square Dancing
In August of 2004, my father passed away.  If you want to know what an awesome man he was, please feel free to click HERE to go to his tribute site.  Dad was a Square Dance caller, and he instilled in me a love of Square Dancing, and on the long drive home after his funeral, I realized that this was something I needed to get back to doing.   And it was one of the better decisions I've ever made...because Dad is always with me out there on the floor, and I have met some people that are more like family than friends.

sd_diploma.jpg (60957 bytes)

sd_badge.jpg (23224 bytes)

friends.jpg (59117 bytes)
This is a picture taken in Gig Harbor Washington, and when I had to give it a name, all that came to mind was "friends", but perhaps a better title would have been family because those people in the photo have become like a family to me.

Unfortunately as happens with families, sometimes we have to say goodbye, and today we gathered in SeaTac Washington to say goodbye to a dear friend, Doug Downey Sr., the distinguished looking individual with the million dollar smile on the far left of this picture.  Doug, you are gone from us, but you will never be forgotten.....we will all miss that smile and sense of mischief you brought with you. 

DSC00029_EDIT1_0010.jpg (58919 bytes) 1924000-R1-008-2A.jpg (103329 bytes)
sd_cliff01.jpg (100254 bytes) grads_02.jpg (72243 bytes)

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