Surf's UP!!!!

Welcome one and all to the new homepage for #mirc_wavsurfer!!!  Back from a small absence, Newnet's premier MP3, Wav, Text, and great company channel has returned for you IRC enjoyment!  Like the channel, this page will be growing over the coming months, so drop on in on Newnet, and stop by often to check the progress of the page and the channel.

I am Dosbos, and I share founder's duties with Aries1.  Surfer it building it's presence on Newnet, and nickserv is a different system, and until you get a nick registered on Newnet, it can't be added to the AOP or SOP list (replaced with user-levles on Newnet).  When you get your nick registered, send me an E-Mail, and myself or Aries will get it added right away.  If you have not visited Newnet, there are a couple of files you want to grab for your mIRC client.  Snag newnet.mrc and servers.ini from the TOYS page, grab your board and sunscreen, and come on in, the water's fine! 

So, onwards and upwards, and lets hope the "surfer" don't get "tubed".  <G>

The rules of #mirc_wavsurfer are simple.....come on in, kick back, share and grab a tune or two, and enjoy some great company.  Respect the other people in the channel, and remember to be as respectful  to the members of the channel as you would like the channel to be  to you.  Have fun, and let everybody else have fun to.  Porn has no  place in Surfer, so please leave it outside when you come in. Other  than  that, there really are not any  rules.  We are pretty free with guest op's, and if you are blessed with the magic @, remember to use it wisely, or it can be removed as easily as it was given.  Please turn off any flood kicks as text files are one of the fun things available to users of IRC, and please disable  any  auto-kicks before you enter the channel.


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