Welcome to the "Official Unofficial" Lounge Lizard Graduation 2001 Memories site!

One the weekend of June 30th, there was unprecedented invasion in Phoenix Arizona (BTW....as many of us found out that weekend, Phoenix translates to "They built a city on the face of the SUN!!!") of a very special creature known as a "Lounge Lizard", or Leeeezard for short. We journeyed to the sun (Phoenix for short) for a very special event.....the official graduation ceremonies for these dedicated leezards.  Yes....not only was the invasion staged by lizards, but by edujamkated lizards!  We gathered in various locations around the city to attend our graduation from the University of Phoenix, some with Bachelors and some with Masters degrees.  Also this was a very special opportunity for many of us that have been the best of friends for years...people that I have to say personally without their love, humor, harassment, and support I would never have made it to that stage.  But for many of us this was the first time we physically stood together, and from my personal view it was most awesome to know that it didn't really matter that many of us had never met face-to-face, because once a lizard, always a lizard!

This site is dedicated to pictures and memories of those attending.  I hope everybody enjoys the site, but understand that it will take everybody's input to even come close to making the site a true representation of the magic of the weekend.  Please, if you have a favorite memory, a funny story to share, or something that would add to the site please click HERE to send them along.  If you have a favorite picture, just click HERE to send that along for inclusion on the site.


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