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John Warren

John is 13, and attending Mitchell Middle School.  John and Billy are starting their second year of baseball with John at the Juniors and Billy playing for the National League Braves again this year. Check out the link below for their baseball pictures page.  Dad is very proud of John as this football season, his weight forced him to move up to the highest youth football division, the Midgets.  He was scared, and 99% of the other players were bigger than him, but I am very proud to relate that this year John found out he could hang and bang with the big boys, and did a great job with the Midgets.  Great job John!

Billy Ray

Billy "Bullet Head" Nichols is still Billy.  This year he made the big-time, and has made it to middle school!  And yes, he is still our little babe magnet, but the scary thing is he's coming to like it. 

Elizabeth Maxine

Elizabeth is daddy's five year old princess, known by the alias of "Boobers" She is a shining jewel of a child, with a healthy dose of mischief. The girl has cute down to a science, and dad is going to have his hands full when this one hits puberty. But Dad's strong body and mind, coupled with a couple of big brothers and a lot of love, should see us through the teenage years to come.

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