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Freedom itself was attacked this morning by a faceless coward, and Freedom will be defended.
George W. Bush, 9/11/2001


Welcome one and all to my little home on the web. A few years ago I decided that I wanted a web page and here you will find the results of my learning efforts and a general lack of a life. I hope you enjoy my humble efforts. ;-}.


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Family Pages
Updated 4/13/08

Tribute to My Father,
Johnny Nichols, my father

Nichols Family Football Pates

Nichols Family Little League

Old Picture of Cliff

Cliff's Java Toys Pages


Cliff Nichols, Square Dance Caller



Some of my favorite Links:

The In Site
The NFL Homepage

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Recently I joined a site called Classmates.com that is pretty interesting.  After you register for the high school and year you graduated you can browse a list of other graduates that have also registered.  Well last week I was most excited to see that my best friend from high school Paul Meyer registered.  Here is a link to his site:

Visit Paul Meyer
Tim Hussey's Homepage

University of Phoenix Campus and Friends:

University Of Phoenix

UoP Online Campus Home

Check out the "60 Minutes" Story about UoP and Online Education

On June 30, 2001 I traveled to the face of the sun (otherwise known as Phoenix Arizona) to receive my Bachelor's degree from UoP.  It was a very special event made even more special because I was joined by my fellow "Lounge Lizards", a very special group of friends from the UoP online chat lounge.
Check out the "Officially Unofficial UoP Lizards Grad 2001 site!

View the 2001 UoP Online Graduation Ceremony via streaming video

Sacramento River Cats Baseball
 Sacramento River Cats!

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